Consultant: "Gain back control of logistics activities"

Consultant: "Gain back control of logistics activities"

Sector: Service Industry. Hi tech FMCG

Executive Summary

Having subcontracted logistics activities to 3rd party this company found that they had lost control of their logistics activates to a point that they were not in control of costs, quality and delivery commitments.

After performing a quick scan of current processes it was agreed with the customer to terminate the 3pl’s contract and develop an in hose logistics group to regain control and cut costs. Whilst this was being set up we took back control of processes, hired a team and rolled out processes to re establish control.


  • Renegotiated line haul routes with improved cost savings and service level.
  • Established rigid agreements with 3rd party warehouse facility in Germany.
  • Contracted logistics partners in the UK, France and The Netherlands to manage end user deliveries.
  • Improved KPI’s for slot time deliveries, TPT and stock accuracy.
  • Reviewed and brought under control inbound forecast and shipping process via sea from Far East. Inbound TPT from Rotterdam to Neuss (D) reduced from 5 to 3 days.
  • Warehouse processes improved to accept ship orders from 12:00 up to 16:00 increasing next day deliveries by 40%.
  • New Logistics control team (3 people) hired, integrated and trained in new processes.
  • Set up Monthly review meetings with other departments with the result that the logistics Control group become a key component of the management team.

“Excellent analytical skills; profound knowledge of D/base and Planning Tools. Ample experience in almost all disciplines within the Supply Chain Management Industry. Good at listening and very dedicated”

Sjef de Wit, Associate
Process Improvers