International Supply Chain Management Services

International Supply Chain Management

As our economy becomes increasingly global and goods need to be sourced from overseas to satisfy consumer demand, many organisations find themselves with a complex international supply chain.

International Supply Chain Management

Navigator Solutions work closely with clients to simplify the processes and take on board the management of the entire supply chain to ensure effective operations; from manufacturing right through to final delivery destination, if required.

LCL Cargo

In order to optimise freight costs most importers and exporters will want to fill a full container when shipping their goods. However due to the nature of the product or the end market, filling a container may not always be possible and that is why we offer LCL shipments to enable our clients to take advantage of freight forwarding services even when they have smaller shipments. Less than Container Load or LCL cargo services consolidate shipments with those of other clients to ensure containers are always being used to their full potential.

Real Time Monitored Trucking

Whether businesses are making deliveries domestically or sending international shipments, keeping track of deliveries at all times is vital for their own peace of mind as well as that of their customers. Our shared service partners innovative Real Time Monitored Trucking (RTM) systems enable our clients to access real time information on the status of their shipments.

Payment Audits

Our ability to share services with our partners payment audit system makes it easy for clients to check the status of invoices and ensure they only pay for the transportation services received. These payment audits save our clients time and money and are fully customisable to individual needs.

Quality Inspections

Working alongside clients’ quality control teams, our shared services capability allows quality inspections to examine cargo to ensure packaging and labelling meets necessary requirements and complies with the safety laws of designated importing countries.

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