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Perishable Food Distribution

With a rise in demand for speciality fresh food items, there is an increased need for perishable food distribution services that can ensure these items get to market promptly and in perfect condition.

Perishable Food Distribution Services

At Navigator Solutions we provide a comprehensive perishable food distribution service, using our expert knowledge and range of providers to deliver a service to supplement and enrich our clients’ current operations.

When storing and transporting perishable food products it is vital that care is taken over the way that these items are packaged, stored and delivered to ensure they remain fresh. We work alongside our clients to determine the ideal temperature and humidity levels for storage and transport as well as the ideal delivery time to ensure that products are transported in perfect condition.

Our perishable food distribution services include:

  • Temperature controlled storage facility
  • Secure transportation in temperature controlled vehicles
  • Employment of specialist packaging materials for transportation when required

These services can be used to complement and enhance the overall supply chain to ensure that food manufacturers can deliver high quality food products to their consumers all year round.

If you have perishable food items you need to transport to market please contact us today on 01494 858 341 to learn more about how our services can integrate with your supply chain.