Port Centric Logistics from Navigator Solutions

Port Centric Logistics

Direct distribution from ports is growing in importance and will continue to do so as long as merchants are not buying in bulk.

Port Centric Logistics

By investing in port centric logistics, businesses and carriers can take advantage of the logistics services within port facilities which may in turn help to reduce supply chain costs.

At Navigator Solutions we work closely with a network of port-based logistics providers to deliver the direct distribution services our clients require in order to make their operations economically viable and simplify international supply chains.

What are the advantages of Port Centric Logistics?

  • Greater visibility of stock in transit
  • Improved container management
  • 24/7 customs clearance
  • Reduced lead time
  • Reduced supply chain costs
  • Improved cash flow

Break Bulk Cargo

Sometimes our clients will need to ship large items that cannot be containerised due to their size and weight. This break bulk cargo will often have to be shipped in individual pieces and reassembled at the end destination. Our services also facilitate break bulk shipping to accommodate large consignments and our chosen vessel providers and port logistics services have the necessary cranes and equipment in place to accommodate these oversized loads.

Break Bulk can also mean that you can ship from origin in bulk quantities, maximising freight and purchase costs, then on arrival the bulk quantities can be broken down in to smaller client sized consignments and or even represented as palletised loads for receipt at clients own warehouse operations.

To discuss your unique port centric logistics requirements or to enquire about break bulk shipping prices please do contact Navigator Solutions today on 01494 858 341.