NVOCC and Spot Rate Procurement Services


Under the Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier or NVOCC scheme we have the ability to procure ocean freight rates from various carriers.

NVOCC and Spot Rate Procurement

Using our extensive knowledge and experience in shipping and logistics we are able to work alongside our clients to determine the best carriers to use in the import and export processes.

NVOCCs are often confused with freight forwarders as their services are very similar but an NVOCC can be commonly thought of as providing a ‘carrier to shipper’ and ‘shipper to carrier’ service.

The principal benefit of using NVOCCs is to take advantage of competitive tariffs. At Navigator Solutions we pride ourselves on ensuring our clients have access to the best available freight rates, enabling them to gain competitive advantage.

Spot Rate Procurement

Sometimes, businesses will unavoidably find themselves with a broken link in their supply chain such as the chosen carrier being unable to make the agreed delivery times or having the available container space. In situations such as these Navigator Solutions can step in with an ocean freight spot rate procurement service to make the necessary arrangements and once again complete the supply chain.

How can Spot Rate Procurement Help you?

  • Reduced freight procurement costs
  • Increased choice of carriers
  • Improved decision making thanks to cost comparisons

To find out more about our NVOCC or spot rate procurement services please contact us on 01494 858 341 where you can discuss your unique requirements in more detail.