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Bonded Warehousing

At Navigator Solutions we offer customs bonded warehousing facilities to enable our clients to defer duty and VAT payments until the point of despatch.

Customs Bonded Warehousing Facilities

This facility provides a significant cash flow advantage to our customers, particularly if they are dealing with commodities that have a high unit cost and may have a high percentage of customs duty - the combination of which would result in higher VAT.

Our bonded warehouse facilities may appeal to those companies that do not sell their goods for a few weeks after obtaining them as they can avoid paying import duty & VAT up front on their stock.

What are the advantages of using a customs bonded warehouse?

  • Enables delayed payment of import duty and VAT on goods
  • Allows you to buy in bulk when prices/exchange rates are favourable
  • Protects business cash flow
  • Enables the discharge of other customs procedures without physically needing to export

Customs bonded warehousing will be particularly beneficial for anyone selling foreign goods across the UK and mainland EU, giving importers the flexibility they need to get a good price for their products in all those markets.

Navigator Solutions can simplify the process of importing goods by providing bonded warehousing facilities and other logistics solutions to integrate with and enhance the existing supply chain. Please contact us today on 01494 858 341 to discuss your requirements in more detail.