Enterprise Resource Planning System Sourcing

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

At Navigator Solutions we work with many SMEs who are going through a period of growth. Whilst this is fantastic for the business, it can also mean that the finance, CRM and quotation systems set up for them initially no longer have the capacity to provide the support required.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Similarly, if businesses have multiple systems managing each different area of operations with minimal or no integration, this can lead to duplicate data and a lack of logical workflow to take new business through to output.

In both of these cases a new ERP system will enable the business to manage operations more effectively and move towards continued growth and scalability.

Navigator Solutions provide an efficient Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP system sourcing service to enable our clients to get the support they need from their systems and software to grow and sustain their business.

Why source an ERP system?

  • Integration of data
  • Complete visibility of core activities
  • Fast, accurate & timely key decision making data
  • Advanced functionality leading to increased capability
  • Eliminate data duplication and discrepancies
  • Reduce costs and maintenance time

For further information on the benefits of Enterprise Resource Planning system sourcing please contact Navigator Solutions on 01494 858 341.