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Do you have confidence in your Last Mile Logistics?

Last mile logistics refers to the last leg in the delivery process from supplier to consumer and it is a hurdle which many can be prone to falling at as it is often the weakest link in the supply chain.

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New Year’s Resolutions to improve your Supply Chain

If your business has suffered with similar logistics issues then one of your resolutions for 2015 has to be to carry out an end-to-end review of your entire supply chain, from source to customer, or cradle to grave, so to speak.

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Fit for Peak 2014 – Are you ready?

Your route to market; processes and suppliers you have in place to meet your demand, could make or break your business however good your product is – if you can’t get it to your customers on time and every time then your brand will be remembered for entirely the wrong reasons – and this bad word will spread to others.

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